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5 Small Wineries You’ve Got To Visit : Penticton

Looking for an intimate off the grid Penticton wine tour experience?  The South Okanagan Valley is full of small production family owned boutique wineries. Come with us and experience these undiscovered small production wineries and really make your next wine tour authentic.
This small Penticton Winery started growing vines in the 1970’s when a family man named Glennallyn wanted to have the best grapes in the Okanagan.  Now over 40 years later his daughter has gone a step further and created a fun, whimsical, and happy winery.  The wines created at Crescent Hill are created from deep rooted vines and a passion for the industry that is continuing on to the third generation.
This boutique Penticton winery overlooks the east side of Skaha Lake.  It is nestled on 23 acres, although not all of it is planted with vines.  This winery has two special surprises; the first is their impressive 5,000 square foot natural rock wine cellar.  The second is because of the sheer number of wines they offer you never know what they are going to be sampling in the tasting room, but it is sure to please.
Located at the foot of Naramata Bench, this Penticton Winery is named after the star constellation that hangs over the vineyard during the autumn harvest season. Recently Perseus’ Bordeaux style flagship wine “Invictus” won a 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Award as well as a few international awards.
Long lasting French tradition takes on a whole new meaning for this Penticton Winery.  Natural, intimate, and artisanal are all elements that play a large role in farming, winemaking, and the tasting room elegance at this Penticton Winery.  All of these hands-on elements are needed to produce these limited quantities of wines.
Wilbert and Joka Borrens created a heart-warming at home feel at Four Shadows Vineyard and Winery.  This 17 acre vineyard property has a perfect location.  However, because of its location some would argue it is not a Penticton winery nor is it a Naramata Bench winery, regardless of that, the Barrens have gone through every effort to grow, harvest, create and bottle with high expectations and results.  Just like any great bottle of wine, more time is needed to see what will result from this new winery.