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Beyond the Usual : Top 5 South Okanagan Wine Tastings with a Twist.

OpenAir Adventures & Wine Tours, the funnest Jeep wine tours in the South Okanagan now shares a list of some amazing wines and wineries. Here is our Top 5 South Okanagan Wines and Wineries with a Twist. Discover wines and wineries from Summerland’s BottleNeck Drive, Naramata Bench, Ok Falls, Cawston and Oliver.  These South Okanagan wines, wineries and wine tours are definitely beyond the usual, but don’t take our word for it, try them and see what all the hype is about.

The Wine: Top 5

#1: Kettle Valley Winery located on Naramata Bench

Wine slushies anyone?  That’s right, a Gewürztraminer slushy, and it is amazing.  A slushy machine isn’t something you would normally see in any winery, but what an amazing addition to their Naramata Bench wine portfolio.

#2: Silver Sage Winery located in Oliver.

A very unique South Okanagan aperitif called Flame Wine.  It comes in mild(without the pepper) and “Oh my goodness HOT!”(with the pepper still in the bottle)  This aperitif is a combination of sweet, hot and spicy from a blend of late-harvest Gewürztraminer, peaches, apricots and ghost peppers. The Flame with the pepper still in the bottle is not for the faint of heart and definitely is “a punch in the mouth” but leaves you wanting more. Make sure to serve this Oliver wine ice cold.

#3: Sage Hills Winery and Vineyard located on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive.

“Rhymes with Orange”? Nothing rhymes with orange, and nothing is more unique about this amazing organic orange coloured wine. 100% organic Pinot Gris grapes are left in contact with the skins to the start of fermentation, which gives the amazing colour and an explosion of smoke, spice and tropical fruit with a hint of peat.

#4: Sleeping Giant Winery located on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive.

Pumpkin Pie Dessert Wine is a rich, spicy dessert wine that captures all the flavours of autumn.  It is a unique wine with subtle spiciness of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Serve this wine with a touch of whipped cream.

#5: Red Rooster Winery located on Naramata Bench.

Wine touring in the South Okanagan probably isn’t a top priority in the fall and winter, but should it be? Red Rooster Winery serves a mulled wine in the fall and winter that is just as amazing as the aromas that fill this Naramata Bench winery.

The Wineries: Top 6

#1: Lunessance Winery located on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive.

Classical music accompanies all stages of vine to wine process.  Speakers are installed in the vineyard so all estate-grown grapes can grow smoother and happier. When in the cellar, various operas are required for different wines, techniques and feelings which help produce fine wines with deep character. Is this a thing? Check it out on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive

#2: Red Rooster Winery located on Naramata Bench.

Of all the Naramata Bench wineries, this one makes the list again. If the statue of the naked guy outside on the lawn doesn’t catch your eye, you must have walked through the backdoor. Creative artwork is scattered throughout this Naramata Bench winery, which also displays an impressive art gallery upstairs.

#3: Sumac Ridge Vineyard and Winery located on Summerland’s BottleNeck Drive.

While visiting Summerland’s BottleNeck Drive, make sure to reserve your spot in Sumac Ridge’s Sparkling Wine Cave and to witness a Sabre Ceremony where they slice the top of the wine bottle with a real Sabre.

#4: Serendipity Winery located on Naramata Bench.

This Naramata Bench winery echoes the architectural notes of a wine barrel.  Make sure to look up while at the tasting bar where you’ll notice iron barrel straps across the arch, like an elongated wine barrel.  Right to fine the details, like strips of wine barrels still containing the wine crystals tiling with wall, this entire winery is just as amazing as the huge cellar doors.

#5: Okanagan Crush Pad located on Summerland’s BottleNeck Drive.

At this unique Summerland Winery they produce many different wine labels along with their own wines Haywire and Narrative.  Unlike other South Okanagan wineries they don’t use any oak barrels, instead Okanagan Crush Pad uses only concrete fermenters.  Like oak barrels, which are commonly used in winemaking, concrete is slightly porous, allowing the wine to breathe as it ferments. However, unlike oak, Concrete imparts no flavours of its own. The end note is wine that is true to its own flavour.

The Tours

#1: OpenAir Adventures and Wine Tours located in Penticton BC.

This Okanagan Jeep wine tour is like no other!  Grab 4 friends (8 if your popular) and come see why everyone is smiling. Take a light off-road vineyard tour, barrel room tour, and features local foods included in the Okanagan Picnic Lunch upgrade served with amazing vineyard views.  Oh, and don’t forget the 4-5 wineries.  Let the guide take you on a 3 or 4 hour Summerland Wine Tour, Naramata Wine Tour, or OK Falls Wine Tour.  Try a 5 hour Oliver Wine Tour or experience their “signature” Wine Country Adventure, where you tour Penticton, OK Falls and Oliver wineries with just a little more backroad adventure.