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South Okanagan Valley : Summerland Wine Tours

Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive has a unique blend of award winning wineries with charming personalities.  Summerland truly has a wine (or cider) for everyone.  Each Summerland winery has a story to tell and something special to see. This warm community is surrounded by beautiful scenery down every winding road. See it all on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive; boutique

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Jeep Tours: The Best Experience for Okanagan Wine Tours & Adventures!

Strap in for an experience fit for everyone – Jeep tours are the best way to experience the Okanagan vineyards that have tourists coming in droves, and we are going to break down exactly why. Beyond the comfort and convenience of an ushered touring experience, Jeep Wranglers make for a unique drive, with an open

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Wine Tours in Naramata: Best Locations and Wineries to Tour

Touring the South Okanagan: Scenic Sights to See OpenAir Adventures & Wine Tours, experience Jeep Wine Touring. Whether you live in the beautiful South Okanagan, or are making a visit to see the Valley, there are a large number of destinations you should see while here. At Open Air Adventures, we pride ourselves on tracking

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