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Jeep Tours: The Best Experience for Okanagan Wine Tours & Adventures!

Strap in for an experience fit for everyone – Jeep tours are the best way to experience the Okanagan vineyards that have tourists coming in droves, and we are going to break down exactly why. Beyond the comfort and convenience of an ushered touring experience, Jeep Wranglers make for a unique drive, with an open air design that lets you breath in that Pacific Northwest freshness, while taking in the sights with minimal breaks in the panoramic view. Combine all that with the capable suspension and traction of the Wrangler lineup, and you have a vehicle that hits all the marks for touring the countryside. So gather up your friends and family, let’s hit the road in style as we stop at each destination winery that Naramata has in store!

Wine Tours - Naramata Okanagan BC | Open Air Adventures

Private Wine and Country Tours Tailored to You

Experience the winery with an off-road excursion, taking you up close and personal to the grapes and vines, without you needing to move a muscle. Nobody wants to share a bus with other tour guests unless they have to, so our tours are private and keep just your own core group of friends or family along for the ride. Making a day tour of all the wineries in our beautiful area shouldn’t mean you have to compromise by sharing your ride.

Wine Tours - Naramata Okanagan BC | Open Air Adventures

Jeep Tours in Penticton, Naramata, OK Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos, Summerland, and more!

With tours running all over the Okanagan Valley, Open Air Adventures ensures that your favourite winery is a part of your next tour. We take care of all the decisions, but also value your input in crafting the ideal tour experience – should we go convertible or covered? Want to have lunch along the way? Did you pick up your special bottle of white along the way? Let us keep it cool for the ride, maintaining that bouquet and quality. Our drivers know that a smooth ride takes more than just avoiding potholes. They are our ambassadors, and will treat you like royalty, from pick-up to drop-off.

We believe in accessible tours that are affordable for anyone living in the Okanagan, so we offer tours starting at $50 per person. However, affordable never means dropping quality at Open Air Adventures, with all tours enjoying the same Jeep Wrangler experience (never a base model, these are Sahara models, perfect for touring). There is very little you need to bring along to any tour – maybe a hat and sunglasses, definitely your favourite playlist!

Looking for Summer time fun in the Okanagan? Open Air Adventures is your source for Okanagan Valley wine tours, delivering the best experience and visiting the top wineries that our stretch of Valley is known for. Hop in, give us a call at (250) 490-6838 to plan your tour today!