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Embark on our “Signature” wine tour!

    Experience the rustic beauty of the South Okanagan while exploring fine wines from different sub-regions. Enjoy insight into wine making as your “Open Air” Jeep Wrangler navigates through vineyards and country backroads, leading you to some of the Okanagan’s most phenomenal wineries. Discover the aromatic smells of wine country flora from the seat of your Jeep. Enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch platter overlooking one of our private access vineyards.  Highlight your vacation with a wine tour like no other!

INCLUDES: 5+HR Jeep Wine Tour, Free Picnic Lunch & Bottled Water, 2-3 Sub-Regions, Private Off-Road Vineyard Tour, Off-Road/Backroad Scenic Ride,*Barrel Room Tour, Free Pick-up/Drop-Off (Penticton & Local Area)

WINE TASTING: 5 Wineries

DAILY DEPARTURE: 9:45am (w/Picnic Lunch ) OR   1:15pm (w/Fruit & Snack Platter)

TOUR RATES$138 Per Person (2 Person Min.)

(*Barrel room tour included when available)


Naramata / Ok Falls / Summerland

Join us aboard our “Open Air” Jeep Wranglers, and experience an Okanagan wine tour like never before. 

Explore vineyards and barrel rooms before experiencing the award winning magic of the Okanagan wineries. From start to finish, our tours are designed to give you the best of each sub-region. All our wine tours offer a great selection, from sparkling wines and crisp Rieslings to complex Pinot Noirs and rich Syrahs, there is truly something for everyone. *Check out “Wineries On Our Tours” on our “Home” page. If you’ve been here before and have a winery you would like to visit, we would love to take you there.

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect on each tour: 

  • (OK FALLS) The “Corkscrew Drive” boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the Okanagan, it’s famed for it’s high quality wines from wineries such as Noble Ridge, Meyer Family and Wild Goose. This tour offers safe off-roading, and backroad excitement. 4hr wine tour includes a vineyard tour and picnic lunch.
  • (NARAMATA BENCH) This is one of the most popular wine tours in the area. The clay soil of the Naramata Bench along with the abundant sunlight produces world class wine that must be experienced. This tour offers a *barrel room tour and backroad excitement. 4hr wine tour includes a vineyard tour and picnic lunch.
  • (SUMMERLAND) Expect backroad excitement, safe off-roading and spectacular scenery on the”Bottle Neck Drive’s” winding roads. Experience award winning wineries like Sumac Ridge, Okanagan Crush Pad and Dirty Laundy. 4hr wine tour includes a vineyard tour and picnic lunch.

       *(Barrel room tour included when available)


(Enjoy low guest to guide ratio 4:1 giving you more freedom and flexibility.) 


INCLUDES:  Jeep Wine Tour, Scenic Ride, Snacks, Bottled Water, Free Pick-Up/Drop-Off (Penticton & Local Area)
WINE TASTINGS: 3-5 Wineries
DAILY DEPARTURE : 9:45am & 3:15pm
TOUR  RATES: $78 Per Person (2 Person Min.)



INCLUDES: Jeep Wine Tour, Free Picnic Lunch & Bottled Water, Private Off-Road Vineyard Tour, Scenic Ride, *Barrel Room Tour, Free Local Pick-Up/Drop-off.
WINE TASTINGS: 4-5 Wineries
DAILY DEPARTURE: 9:45am (w/Picnic Lunch )   OR   2:15pm (w/Fruit & Snack Platter)
TOUR RATES: $118 Per Person (2 Person Min.)

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Oliver & Osoyoos Wine Tour

Experience the excitement of touring the “Wine Capital of Canada” in an “Open Air” Jeep Wrangler.

Oliver is home to the famous Golden Mile and the Black Sage Bench, consisting of some of the most ideal growing conditions in the world. With phenomenal grapes come phenomenal wine. This desert-like region is known for producing our finest “Big and Bold” red wines. From start to finish, our tours are designed to give you this years “Best” wine tasting experience.

Open Air Adventures & Wine Tours, Wine Country Adventure

INCLUDES: 5+Hr Jeep Wine Tour, Free Picnic Lunch, Backroad/Scenic Ride, Snacks & Bottled Water, Free Pick-Up/Drop-Off (Penticton & Local Area)
WINE TASTINGS: 5-6 Wineries
DAILY DEPARTURE9:45am (w/Picnic Lunch )   OR   1:15pm (w/Fruit & Snack Platter)
TOUR RATES: $138 Per Person (2 Person Min.)

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Okanagan Fresh Picnic Lunch

INCLUDES: The experience of “Local” flavours of fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Breads, Dips & Sauces, Cheeses, Meats, Juices and more!

(Free lunches included in tours = Sandwiches, Fruit and Juice)

Upgrade to this lunch for ONLY $14pp

(To upgrade just add when booking)

*Please Advise Us Of Your Dietary Concerns Or Allergies.