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Wine Tours in Naramata: Best Locations and Wineries to Tour

Touring the South Okanagan: Scenic Sights to See

OpenAir Adventures & Wine Tours, experience Jeep Wine Touring. Whether you live in the beautiful South Okanagan, or are making a visit to see the Valley, there are a large number of destinations you should see while here. At Open Air Adventures, we pride ourselves on tracking down the best possible spots to tour through and explore. Our company has trekked far and wide to bring you to some of the greatest destinations you can reach in a single trip. Beyond that, the South Okanagan and Naramata have much to offer, so let’s have a look at some of the most acclaimed and distinguished destinations for wine tours and Jeep Wrangler rides!

Top Naramata Bench Wine Tours

To start off, the wineries of the Okanagan are its greatest tourist attraction. With vistas and lookouts around every corner, these wineries offer the best combination of scenery and entertainment. Touring the facilities themselves is always interesting, and wandering the fields or driving past on a sunny day offers memorable sights of glistening grapes hanging from trellises, and the extraordinary mountainous backdrop of the Valley itself.

The wineries of Naramata are world-class, and there are a few that particularly stand out for their location and design:

On the Naramata Bench, close to the water of Okanagan Lake sits Tightrope Winery. A ten-acre property that grows a variety of grapes from Riesling to Pinot Noir. This winery is no stranger to award winning grapes, with wineries eager to snap up the grapes this winery exports – given that Naramata is such an ideal location to grow grapes, many wineries end up exporting their excess grapes for use by other wine makers. Family owned and operated, Tightrope winery is a classic rural winery that offers both the great wines and a great start to your Naramata wine tour.

Down the road from Tightrope is another Penticton favorite, Hillside Winery. Combining a great bistro with their world-class wines, Hillside has left an impression on those who are fortunate enough to tour their grounds. At the heart of their operation is a 72-foot tall tower that acts as the wines cellar. Beyond being a stunning sight to see, this tower also serves to cool the wines in the hottest Summer months. The entire structure is a timber-frame, with all of the wood originating from one lumber yard in Saskatchewan. The owners moved from Czechoslovakia and began planting seeds and growing their grapes in the 80s. During this period, they worked to create new legislation in BC, allowing wineries smaller than 5-acres to produce and sell wine directly.

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With Open Air Adventures, you can experience it all. There is never a wasted moment when you are being ushered to and from each destination on your Naramata Bench Wine Tour. With a thorough understanding of the Okanagan’s most desirable destinations, we can ensure that your trip is more than a vacation – it is a life-long memory that you will never forget!

You can get in touch with us by phone, or contact us by email! We answer any questions you may have, and are always looking for ways to make your experience the best it can be!